Susan Cain

My more than 25 years experience in the industry allows me to quickly understand a client's corporate, product and technology differentiation. Yet creating programs must happen with fresh eyes and new messages, programs and approaches because each client and product is unique. I often find it is the story not shared or the "background" story that led to a company's brilliance, so it is often these stories that help me to think about and create positioning in an industry that may seem to have little room for innovation. I like to look at the client from the outside in- from their markets and customer perspective to best understand my client's value. My goal is to define strong messages and programs that encourage conversation and community leading to awareness, leadership and growth impacting a company's bottom line.

Patrick Corcoran

Intimacy and focus best describes my approach to engaging with our clients. Working with some of the most important technology innovators over nearly three decades has allowed me to build lasting relationships with brilliant executives, editors, bloggers, and analysts who play a critical role in creating game-changing and meaningful conversation within the industry. When creating client programs, I carry these conversations and client's messaging through the right mix of traditional online and social networking programs folding in PR programs, social media and networking opportunities, branding, advertising, sponsorships, and tradeshow support. A well balanced program executed with consistency can get outstanding and cost-effective results.

Alison Williams

Alison of CainComPic2.jpg

Like most students graduating from college, I thought I wanted to work in consumer products. However, sometimes life brings what's best.  I ended up working with a B2B technology company as my internship years ago and found I loved it.  Whether it's "deep" technology supporting semiconductor and related companies or the high technology companies they serve, I enjoy the B2B challenges and opportunities. I look at all clients from an interdisciplinary perspective applying lessons from outside of their narrow industry. All experiences in life are relevant to other experiences if we are open to the lessons.

Alexandra Marchbank

Have you ever gone to a trade show and it seemed everything went wrong? Shipments were late, products shipped were damaged or missing, your company name was misspelled on the banner or the carefully chosen give-away was poorly made? Maybe your people on booth duty weren't singing from the same song sheet? Then you need me, and I love helping you. I have a passion for making sure your events, conferences, and training programs work. The two critical keys to event success are excellent up front planning and project management together with fanatical execution. I've worked with two communication firms and my experience ranges from typical industry trade show support to pre-party planning of a customer acknowledgement dinner to managing a dance showcase and a bridal boutique. The skills required are the same: an absolute dedication to the event and the hundreds and thousands of details that will make it successful.


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